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août 19, 2022

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Discover Guadeloupe
The Guadaloupe archipelago comprises seven islands:
Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, Saint Martin, Saint Barthélémy,
La Désirade and the two main islands: Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre.
Grande-Terre (585 km2) is a chalky plateau bordered by splendid white sand beaches.
Basse-Terre (943 km2), volcanic and mountainous, is dominated by the Old Lady: La Soufrière which reaches 1,467m. These two islands are separated by the "rivière salée", a sound in which the mangrove alone provides an unusual landscape with its mangroves and fauna.
Grande Terre ‘The butterfly's right wing’, is dominated by white, ochre, yellow and pale green, turquoise and blue.. (Surface area:   583 Km2- Coastal length: 260 Km). It is the economic heart of Guadaloupe since industry and services are centralised in Pointe à Pitre and its surroundings. Tourism is ensured by the towns of Saint François, Sainte Anne and Le Gosier. Grande Terre benefits from a much drier microclimate than Basse-Terre. The vegetation there is less dense and shorter, and is less mountainous than the other.  Here there are white sandy beaches under the shade of the coconut trees. Still water lagoons, cliffs, dreary greens. .. You find there numerous islets: Ilet à Cochon, ilet du Gosier, ilet Duberreau (near Vieux-Bourg), Ilet Fajou and Petite-Terre.
Basse-Terre island is the « Guadaloupe butterfly's » left wing. This wing's colour is green, emerald and blue... , (Surface area: 848 Km2 Coastal length: 180 Km). The island also corresponds to the French arrondissement of the same name: the Basse-Terre arrondissement which has the town of Basse-Terre as its administrative centre. The centre of the island is mountainous and is where you find one of France's national parks: the National Park of Guadaloupe. Its surface area is 848 km², and it has the Soufrière volcano on its terrain.


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